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3 classes • 130 contact hours • fully online

Take your aromatherapy certification to the next level with an advanced Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion from the Franklin Institute of Wellness, the only college in the world to offer a recognized college certificate in these advanced applications of essential oils. The Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion covers everything you need to formulate safe and effective essential oil based products for ingestion, and to work with clients and the general public with this advanced application. 

The Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion enables you to gain a competitive edge in the essential oil field by mastering the art and science of ingestion, completing advanced coursework in pathophysiology, and actually assisting in scientific research on essential oils with our research faculty. Not only does this program utilize the latest scientific research to train you in these advanced applications, but you will also gain hands-on experience in assisting with a scientific study during your time as a student in this program. This exclusive educational opportunity easily places you at the top of the field. 

  • Global Focus – Gain insight in EO ingestion influenced by leaders across Europe
  • Fully Online  – Complete the program from the comfort of your own home
  • Student Dedication – With a 92% graduation rate, FIW has a track record of ensuring that students succeed
  • Graduate Success – A whopping 94% of graduates now work in natural health using their certificate

The certificate consists of 3 total classes, ranging from 30-50 contact hours each (equivalent to 3-5 quarter credit hours each). With accelerated terms of only 11 weeks and 4 start dates each year, you can earn your Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion in only 3-6 months! 

Program Legitimacy

In such a rapidly growing field, it is more important than ever to confirm the legitimacy of your essential oil training. As evidence of the higher standards you will find at the Franklin Institute of Wellness, we are proud to be fully authorized to grant college certificates and degrees by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This commission oversees college education and ensures that diplomas and certificates issued by the FIW are recognized as legitimate college credentials nationwide.

This authorization is renewed annually and is based on standards concerning the quality of higher education offered by FIW, ethical business practices, student success rates, instructor qualifications, and fiscal responsibility. Franklin Institute of Wellness has been approved as a higher education institution since its foundation in 2013 and annual reviews have found that the school continues to meet those high standards each year.

The Franklin Institute of Wellness is also an approved school by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and is the only NAHA approved school with a PhD researcher directing the program. Our Director, Dr. Jessie Hawkins, is also the Tennessee Regional Director for NAHA and a frequent speaker at NAHA events.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

The Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion (CertEOIngest) program covers pathophysiology, essential oil ingestion, and advanced aromatherapy research, providing an advanced, comprehensive curriculum unmatched anywhere in the world! This places you at the top of the field of aromatherapy, empowering you to achieve new heights with your career in aromatherapy and add new skills to your practice or business! Because the Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion is an advanced program only available to certified aromatherapists, it can be completed in as little as 1 full time academic quarter or 2 part time quarters.

The certificate includes 1 core class of 30 contact hours and 2 concentration classes of 50 contact hours. For planning purposes, a contact hour reflects 50-60 minutes of instruction delivery and requires an additional 1-3 hours of study time. Instruction delivery may be online lectures, hands-on assignments, textbook reading, or reading research studies. Additional study time is determined by each student’s unique learning style and previous experience with the subject.

Explore the Classes in the Certificate of EO Ingestion:

In this 30 contact hour class, you will build upon your previous research education and actually participate on the research team for a cross-sectional study on essential oil ingestion in various cultures. You will learn about the ethics of human participant research, advanced research methodology, analytical skills, and writing about research. You will work closely with the FIW research team for this class and have the opportunity to assist in published work.

Instructor: Dr. Jessie Hawkins
Offered in Quarters: 2 (Spring) and 4 (Fall)

This 50 contact hour class addresses the advanced sciences required to master essential oil ingestion. It includes the foundation of pharmacokinetics, pediatric considerations, product formulation, and a review of the existing scientific evidence on the subject of ingestion. You will also learn through fieldwork with actual clients to master this new skill.

Instructor: Christy Hires
Offered in Quarters: 2 (Spring) and 4 (Fall)

 This 50 contact hour class builds upon previous work in A&P to explore diseased states of the body and the way essential oils influence these states through all applications. You will develop a working knowledge of diseases which affect every organ system of the body, with insight on prevention and integrative applications which are both safe and effective. 

Instructor: Dr. Laura Debiasi
Offered in Quarters: 1 (Winter) and 3 (Summer)

Academic work at the Franklin Institute of Wellness is rigorous and comprehensive. Mastering the advanced concepts in the EO Ingestion certificate is a challenge that requires commitment. However, our faculty members are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you have fully mastered the content in the classes. Upon graduation, you will have achieved expertise in the field of aromatherapy that rivals some of the greatest experts in the field.

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Affordable Tuition

The Franklin Institute of Wellness provides some of the most affordable college programs in the nation. Billing is flexible and easy to budget. You are billed at the start of each academic quarter for the classes you will take during that quarter. Quarterly tuition is controlled by the number of credits you take each quarter, but total program tuition does not change.

To ensure that you remain unaffected by any tuition increases that may occur while you are a student at the Franklin Institute of Wellness, upon admission, you enter into a program agreement with the school. This program agreement confirms your graduation requirements and tuition totals. This agreement protects you from any tuition increases or program requirement changes that may take place while you are a student at FIW, ensuring that your budget and timeline are unaffected while you earn your diploma. The program agreement is valid as long as you remain a student in good standing at FIW. This is determined by adherence to attendance policies and our code of conduct.

Upon acceptance, there is a $135 registration fee, and upon program completion, there is a $65 graduation fee. Tuition is paid per class and is $255 per 30 contact hour class and $425 per 50 contact hour class. TOTAL TUITION for the Certificate in Aromatherapy, including the registration fee and graduation fee, is $1,305. Tuition is paid in increments with each quarter’s registration.

Example Tuition Schedules:

Registration Fee: $135

Quarter 1 (130 contact hours): $1,105

Graduation Fee: $65

TOTAL: $1,305

Registration Fee: $135

Quarter 1 (50 contact hours): $425

Quarter 2 (80 contact hours): $680

Graduation Fee: $65

TOTAL: $1,305

*NOTE: Total course load is determined by your personal preference, your budget, your availability, and the availability of each class. This is a sample of a part time schedule assuming course availability.

Not Included in Tuition

Tuition does not include costs associated with textbooks or supplies for required class projects. You will need to budget additional funds to cover the costs of materials you use to formulate your own essential oil products and to purchase the textbooks required for completion of some courses. The cost for textbooks and fees can vary dramatically depending on your personal selections for your projects and your preferred textbook store. 

Tuition assumes full acceptance into the program, which requires meeting all prerequisites. If you are accepted into the program on conditional status and require one or more classes to meet the pre-requisites, the tuition for those classes will be billed at $255 for a 30 contact hour class and $425 for a 50 contact hour class. Many students require a 30 contact hour research methods class to meet the admissions requirements and may opt to that that during the first quarter of part-time registration.

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Essential Oil use is evolving. So should your education.

Gone are the days when an aromatherapist could succeed by sticking with inhalation or low dilutions of topical application. Today’s essential oil enthusiasts are using oils in potent concentrations and ingestion regularly. To stay on the cutting edge of the field, today’s aromatherapists must know how to work with clients who choose to ingest oils or to use them topically in high concentrations.

Whether your expertise in aromatherapy is focused on work individually with clients, developing custom blends, or formulating essential oil based products, knowledge of essential oil research, expertise in ingestion, and a deeper awareness of pathophysiology is necessary to achieve continued success in this rapidly growing field.

A Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion from the Franklin Institute of Wellness empowers you to take your existing career to the next level by integrating new applications and cutting-edge approaches to essential oil applications. A CertEOIngest could also empower you to expand your current aromatherapy profession into a new niche of the essential oil field by building upon your existing skills and expertise.

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Learn More About the Program

essential oil ingestion

Essential Oil Ingestion: What Experts Need to Know

August 28 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT


This program is only open to certified aromatherapists who have completed a 200+ contact hour educational program that is approved by FIW. Programs that are approved by NAHA or AIA are recommended but not required. If you are unsure of whether your aromatherapy certificate qualifies you for this program, you can learn more about the admissions requirements by registering for an admissions webinar or scheduling an appointment with admissions.

For full acceptance, a postsecondary class in research methods, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry are also required. Aromatherapists who earned certifications without completing classes in those three subjects may be conditionally accepted and will be required to complete those classes at FIW to earn a Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion. 

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older with a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. Students for whom English is not their first language will also be required to submit an English proficiency test to ensure ability to benefit. All applicants must submit official transcripts (issued directly from your previous college or high school), evidence of completion of a 200+ hour aromatherapy program, 2 letters of recommendation, and an admissions essay.

If you do not yet have an aromatherapy certification, we recommend the Certificate in Aromatherapy program, which provides a comprehensive 330 contact hours of in-depth evidence-based aromatherapy education. 

The Application Process

The Application process includes submission of the required materials, an admissions interview with Dr. Jessie Hawkins, and an orientation workshop, which can be completed online. A complete application includes several parts: the application itself, an admissions essay, two letters of recommendation, high school transcripts (these must) be sent to us directly from your secondary school, and college transcripts if you are applying for transfer credit.

The best way to get started is to begin compiling your admissions materials. Think about who may provide your letters of recommendation and begin requesting that your transcripts are sent to us from your previous schools. Then join us for an Open House, Admissions Webinar, or other event outlined above. Keep in mind that admissions typically takes 2-3 weeks, so if your desired program start date is approaching, you will want to reach out to admissions right away to discuss expedited admissions options.

Next Program Start Dates:

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Dr. Debiasi holds Doctorate of Nursing Practice and is licensed as a Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner. Her research interests include dietary supplement efficacy and international research on pediatric wellbeing.
Christy Hires holds a Bachelor’s Degree and is completing a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion, and has trained in advanced aromatherapy with leading educators in the US and Europe. Her research interests include essential oils and CO2 extracts.
Dr. Jessie Hawkins holds a PhD in Health Research with an academic emphasis on environmental health and epidemiology. Her research interests include clinical trials and meta-analyses on herbs, essential oils, and dietary supplements.


Learn more about your educational options, the admissions process, and how the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences can help you launch your natural health career.

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