FIW Podcast Now Available

Podcast “Natural Health Research” launches with new episodes released each week.

Natural Health Research, the long-awaited FIW podcast launched mid-March, hosted by FIW Director, Dr Jessie Hawkins, and FIW Student Intern, Carson Royster. The podcast, which is available on the FIW website, iTunes, Podbean, and Spotify, features a relaxed, student-teacher interaction which addresses a wide range of research-focused topics in the natural health world. Answers to commonly asked questions ranging from “is eucalyptus safe for children,” to “what should we do about lice?” are answered in an easy-to-understand format and delivered to subscribers every week.

“This podcast is something our students and followers have been requesting for several years,” says Dr. Hawkins. “The problem is that we wanted it to be just right. We needed a way to recreate the relaxed conversations we have with students here on campus while still providing a substantial amount of evidence-based education. Having Carson as a co-host helps to facilitate this process–and makes the podcast a lot of fun.”

The podcast releases a new episode midweek. Episodes run for approximately 20-30 minutes for a bite-sized dose of evidence-based education. The first and current series focuses on natural health with children, with episodes covering essential oil safety, dosing, and specific health conditions such as lice and ear infections. Future plans include an in-depth look at scientific research in natural health and a sneak peek at some of the FIW Research Department’s clinical findings, as well as guest co-hosts from the FIW faculty and staff.


The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is a research-focused natural health college that educates and trains future aromatherapists, health coaches, and herbalists. The college’s nonprofit research department, the Franklin Health Research Foundation, conducts original clinical studies on the actions of herbal products, essential oils, dietary supplements, and preventive health behaviors for both academic purposes and industry sponsors. This unique approach to research and education enables graduates of the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences to become world leaders in the field of evidence-based integrative health.