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Successful completion of micro-credentials is celebrated by awarding a digital certificate and a verified badge that can be shared to your online profile and resume. This allows clients, employers, and colleagues to see–and confirm–your expertise.

The world has changed. It’s time for your education to catch up.

The professional world values highly specialized skills, and research demonstrates that today’s professional education opportunities don’t meet the needs of today’s health professionals. Particularly within the health profession, future workplace demands include flexibility and specialized knowledge of a combination of topics. This being the case, why isn’t your education delivering more personalized, practical topics?

Imagine an educational system where you determined what you need to know, when you want to learn, and how you will demonstrate competency? That system is here. With flexible, self-directed certification programs, you now have the power to control your own educational experience through completion of custom-selected courses that align with your unique personal and professional goals.

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials, also known as micro-certifications, mini-degrees, nanodegrees, or web badges, are earned through unique, online educational experiences in which you develop competency in a specific area of study. This emphasis on specialization allows you to develop highly targeted skills and competencies without the time or economic requirements of a traditional professional certification program.

Traditional academic programs offering degrees, diplomas, or certificates typically require many years and thousands of dollars to complete. Much of this time is spent studying a broad range of foundational principles which are required to launch a new career. Micro-credentials shift the emphasis from broad, generalized education to offer you the skills and competencies you need to achieve your specific goals. These short programs are not a replacement for traditional academics, rather they offer learners a more precise academic experience. These short, targeted programs offer learners control over what they want to learn, allowing mastery of specific concepts on your own timeline.

Micro-credentials are / are not:

  • Competency Based: Learn by doing; earn credentials by demonstrating mastery.

  • Self-Selected & Self-Directed: Choose which topics you want to master and when you will study.

  • Customized: Full support to help you master the content in your own way.

  • Memorization Based: We recognize that memorization is not the same as mastery.

  • Pre-Packaged Educational Programs: We don’t dictate your interests; study the topics you choose.

  • Scheduled Courses: No synchronous meetings or other schedule demands.

Credentials Currently Available…

COURSE DATES: FEBRUARY 3 - FEBRUARY 23, 2020 Are you a natural health professional who is looking to boost your clinical skills? When you meet with clients, do you struggle to ensure that you are fully meeting their needs while also staying within an [...]

COURSE DATES: FEBRUARY 24 – APRIL 17, 2020 Health coaches, aromatherapists, herbalists, and other integrative health professionals often discuss nutrition when working with clients, yet few programs include training in the science of nutrition. The Foundations of Holistic Nutrition Micro-Credential provides this important education [...]

COURSE DATES: APRIL 13 – MAY 22, 2020 Today’s midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, doulas, and other birth professionals work with moms every single day who are using essential oils as part of their birth kit, but high quality education in the use of these [...]

Questions About Micro-Credentials:

Because FSIHS is an authorized postsecondary institution, all applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have completed a minimum of a high school diploma, or the equivalent. You will be asked to confirm your eligibility during the registration process.

Some credentials have additional educational or professional requirements. Those are listed on the program’s page.

Your courses will deliver learning in a variety of ways, depending on the instructor’s teaching style and the nature of the topic being mastered. Learning activities may include a combination of: assigned readings, video lectures, audio lectures, self-guided learning assignments (aka learning while doing), lab projects, completing worksheets, discussion topics, critical assessments of readings or published studies, or other related activities.

Each micro-credential is delivered by a highly trained instructor who is a member of the FSIHS faculty. You will have direct access to your instructor through our virtual learning portal, enabling you to message your instructor as well as interact with other students on forums (if applicable to your topic).

You will also have access to the FSIHS student benefits, including our student support coach, Katie Cox. Katie can arrange personalized tutoring or support sessions with a member of our faculty if required.

When you feel prepared to demonstrate mastery, you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence that you have mastered the topic of your micro-credential. Each class will have its own portfolio requirements, which reflect the best way to communicate mastery of its topic. These requirements include measurable objectives which meaningfully contribute towards empowerment of the target skill.

Each course concludes with a portfolio to display mastery. Upon submission, you will receive feedback from your reviewer within 7-10 days. At this time, you will be invited to respond to the feedback, revise your portfolio, and resubmit the portfolio, if required. There are no limits on the number of times a portfolio can be submitted. You will continue to submit until your portfolio is accepted as mastery.

Keep in mind you are being graded on your demonstration of mastery; approximately 50% of first-time submissions require revisions and resubmission. If you are required to revise and resubmit, do not be discouraged; this is an opportunity to improve your mastery of the topic and boost your skills.

Registration for each micro-credential is for a set period of time. Because health science is a rapidly-changing field, education is a perishable item; courses which do not change rapidly become outdated. As a result, you are registering for the state of science at your moment of registration and are required to master that content in a timely manner.

There is a significant difference in quality among micro-credentials available in the natural health field. Because there are no official requirements, your source of micro-credential education is important.

FSIHS is a formally authorized postsecondary educational institution, meaning that your credentials are recognized as college-level learning, even though they are not formal college certificates or diplomas.