Health Coach Certification Curriculum

The required classes for the Health Coach Certificate can be taken in 2 full time academic quarters (6 calendar months), 4 part time academic quarters (12 calendar months), or a customized course schedule that reflects your unique budget and availability.

There are 4 required classes which are 45 contact hours each. For planning purposes, a contact hour reflects 50-60 minutes of instruction delivery and requires an additional 1-3 hours of study time. Instruction delivery may be online lectures, hands-on assignments, textbook reading, or reading research studies. Additional study time is determined by each student’s unique learning style and previous experience with the subject.

Two of the classes also require synchronous learning sessions for a total of 40 hours (20 in each course). These are delivered using interactive webinar technology in 2 hour sessions each week. These are scheduled around student availability at the start of each term and are held on the same day/time each week for ten weeks.

Explore the Classes in the Health Coach Certificate:

In this 45 contact hour class, you will learn about the history and philosophy of public health, the psychology of health behavior, ethics in health education, and the role of a health coach in the field of public health.

Delivery: Fully Online / 20 Required Synchronous Hours

This 45 contact hour class provides an introduction to the science of epidemiology as it relates to health coaching and risk assessment. It prepares you to evaluate, interpret, and apply findings from public health research studies to develop evidence-based, effective interventions with clients in a wide range of settings.

Delivery: Fully Online / Asynchronous

 This 45 contact hour class provides an introduction to community nutritional health. It integrates epidemiological principles with research and policies related to nutritional status of various populations. You will learn how to identify individual needs and develop interventions to meet those needs.

Delivery: Fully Online / Asynchronous

In this 45 contact hour class, you will learn the key explanations of health behavior, which explain the multiple influences in health related decisions. You will master the skill of integrating health behavior psychology into your current or future career by identifying influences and targeting them through evidence-based interventions.

Delivery: Fully Online / 20 Required Synchronous Hours

Academic work at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is rigorous and comprehensive. However, our faculty members are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you have fully mastered the content in the classes. Upon graduation, you will have achieved expertise in the field of health promotion that empowers you to create effective change among your followers or within a given community.