What is FERPA?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99). It is sometimes called the Buckley Amendment. It grants rights to the student which protect the privacy of educational records.

While FERPA grants rights to parents of minor children enrolled in primary and secondary schools, these rights are transferred to the student when the student turns 18 OR enrolls in a postsecondary institution. Because the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is a postsecondary institution, FSIHS recognizes that the student–and the student alone–controls access to his or her educational records.


What constitutes Educational Records?

All information provided by the student to the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is contained within a student’s educational record. This includes personal information, admissions information, enrollment status, academic status, class schedules, grades, financial balances, and any other information about your relationship with FSIHS.

Examples of information protected under FERPA

  • Admission Status (full admission, conditional admission, or denial of admission)
  • Payment Methods (i.e. student loans, financial aid, self-pay)
  • Academic Transcripts & Grades
  • Financial Status (i.e. library fines, late fees, balances due, financial holds, or collection actions))
  • Health Status (including any medical exemptions disclosed to instructors or the Institute)
  • Graduation Status (i.e. credentials awarded, GPA)
  • Disciplinary Actions (i.e. academic probation or violations of the code of conduct)

How does it work?

Educational records are confidential and cannot be released without written consent from the student–not even to parents or guardians. There are some exceptions to these protections, such as students who are listed as dependents on the parents’ tax filings or when a student has violated the law. Aside from these exceptions, students who wish to allow a parent or other individual to access educational records must first submit written authorization permitting the FSIHS to disclose educational information with the individual.

How can I authorize access to my records?

Students can authorize access by providing signed, written consent. THIS FORM must be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar to allow another individual to access educational records. This permits, but does not require FSIHS to disclose student information to the listed party. The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences reserves the right to refuse to provide records if the college deems it necessary. Consent with this form is valid until revoked. Consent can be revoked at any time by notifying the school in writing.