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Using Essential Oils with Children

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Evidence based tools for your most important family members Using essential oils and aromatherapy with children is a controversial practice, but it doesn't have to be. Children require unique formulations, blends, and protocols to meet the goal of safety and efficacy at each stage of development. Rather than take an all or nothing approach driven by the chaos of information on this topic, get the facts and learn how to use essential oils with children confidently. In this 6-part independent course, you will learn why children are more susceptible to harmful effects of essential oils and how to create [...]

Herbs, Essential Oils, and Pain Management

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Powerful Botanical Actions for Intense Pain Both chronic and acute pain, caused by a wide range of conditions, can result in life-changing health concerns that are often either under-treated by modern medicine or treated exclusively through powerful or risky pharmaceuticals. In addition to the failure to address the concern, many women face painful conditions that are ignored or under-addressed by care providers. Get effective pain relief through powerful botanicals with the protocols and formulas taught in this independent course. This course includes 5 in-depth modules covering the epidemiology and physiology of pain, followed by a deep dive into the [...]


Spotting Bullsh!t in an Age of Pseudoscience

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Separating Fact from Fiction Fake News. Pseudoscience. Bullsh!t. Whatever you call it, we're surrounded with misinformation. And separating fact from fiction in this modern era of pseudoscience is an endless struggle. Scientific disinformation is not only frustrating, it produces harmful effects. Listening to the wrong source or believing the wrong information can leave you at risk of failing to take preventive actions that would protect your family or worse, engaging in health-related behavior that places your entire family at risk. Recognizing bullsh!t posing as health science is more important now than ever, yet it's also harder than its ever [...]