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Are you a natural health professional who is looking to boost your clinical skills? When you meet with clients, do you struggle to ensure that you are fully meeting their needs while also staying within an herbalist or aromatherapist’s scope of practice and wellness philosophy? Do you wonder how to both convey your expertise while also avoiding the legal definition of the practice of medicine?

Integrative health practice can be intimidating and overwhelming, even for the most advanced student and professional. Navigating the complex requirements of a health practice while also staying within your scope as a health coach, herbalist, or aromatherapist quickly takes the joy out of your work.

The 6 Pillar Method of health counseling was developed by faculty here at the FSIHS to simplify this process. This method provides an evidence based framework that organizes the theoretical concepts used in integrative health practice into a model that can be followed effortlessly. With this approach, you are free to focus on the part of this field that matters most: supporting your client.

This accelerated course provides a comprehensive education for implementing the 6 Pillar Method into your integrative health practice in only 3 short weeks. Each of the three weeks are packed with education and information about both the 6 Pillars and the theoretical tools used to produce these pillars. You will learn how to integrate health behavior theories, motivational interviewing, reflective listening, SMART goals and objectives, the client-centered triad, and other integrative health tools into a practical and simple framework.


This 3-week course is a must for anyone connected to the integrative health field. Educators will learn how to master a tool that boosts their students’ confidence and success. Students will learn how to improve their emerging new practice, and professionals will learn how to increase client satisfaction and boost success rates.



  • Philosophical Approaches to Health Practice
  • Client Engagement
  • Reflective Listening
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Andragogy in Health Practice
  • Bandura’s Concept Self Efficacy
  • Bracketing and Value Identification
  • Client Centered Triad
  • Focus as a Professional Practice
  • Overview of Health Behavior Theories (Transtheoretical Model & Social Cognitive Theory)


Each week of the course includes a series of collaborative exercises, and the course concludes with a final graded assessment. Upon successful completion of this assessment, you will be issued a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion specifies that you have successfully completed 24 contact hours of college continuing education on Professional Practice.

Because FSIHS is an approved school with NAHA and the NBHWC, CEUs can be used for professional requirements for both aromatherapists and health and wellness coaches. As a fully authorized postsecondary institution, FSIHS CEUs can also be used to renew other professional memberships and licenses.


Registration includes access to the FSIHS learning management (LMS) system for the delivery of course content. The system opens to students the midday on the first day of class. Access continues for one week after the course ends to allow time for review. Within the LMS, students will be able to access the course downloads, the live stream video, the question and answer forum, and the required assessments. This system requires high speed internet and intermediate internet skills of each participant.


Full registration is $490. This fee covers all 3 weeks of the course, instructor support, and downloads of key clinical studies that are used in the course discussion and assignments. This also covers evaluation and grading of the assessment and the opportunity to earn a CEU certificate upon successful completion.

The course is also available to audit. Auditing participants do not complete assessments, do not receive grades, and are not eligible to earn a CEU certificate. The cost to audit the course is $290.

The total fee is due at the time of registration to reserve your seat in the course. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have completed a minimum of high school or the equivalent. Verification of eligibility must be received before the first day of the course.  Full refunds are available until 30 days prior to the event. Cancellations made between more than 7 days but less than 30 days before the event are refundable at 50%. Refunds are not granted for cancellations within a week of the event.



The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is proud to be fully authorized to grant college certificates and degrees by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This commission oversees college education and ensures that diplomas and certificates issued by the FIW are recognized as legitimate college credentials nationwide.

The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is also an approved school by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and is the only NAHA approved school with a PhD researcher directing the program. FSIHS is also a recognized CEU provider for Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWCs) CE #100102.