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Intuitive Eating: How to Skip the Diets and Learn to Listen to Your Body

Dietary fads now shift so frequently that chronic dieting has become a health concern. Studies reveal that this passionate quest for a healthy diet ultimately results in harm to our overall health. Rather than producing healthier people, these constantly shifting diet trends are creating shame around food, leading to eating disorders, and increasing the amount of stress in our lives. The end result of this frustration is a reduction in health status.

If you are tired of keeping up with which diet is healthy this week and want to learn how stop feeling guilty about the foods you crave, it’s time to ditch the endless cycle of expert opinions and start listening to your own body. In this 45-60 minute webinar, Dr. Jessie Hawkins and RDN Elizabeth Dunne will teach you why the diet industry is harmful and what you can do to achieve health at every size. No more shame-based “good” vs “bad” foods; learn how to embrace eating as an enjoyable part of your daily lifestyle.


  • The Risks of Chronic Dieting
  • Holistic Nutritional Principles
  • Learning to Listen to Your Body
  • Signals of Hunger & Fullness
  • How to Recognize & Avoid Emotional Eating



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The webinar is offered LIVE with Dr. Jessie Hawkins and requires high speed internet access on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. During the event, you will be able to submit questions to Dr Hawkins through a chat feature. If time allows, the event will be followed by a Q&A where Dr Hawkins will address your questions.

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