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Powerful Botanical Actions for Intense Pain

Both chronic and acute pain, caused by a wide range of conditions, can result in life-changing health concerns that are often either under-treated by modern medicine or treated exclusively through powerful or risky pharmaceuticals. In addition to the failure to address the concern, many women face painful conditions that are ignored or under-addressed by care providers.

Get effective pain relief through powerful botanicals with the protocols and formulas taught in this independent course. This course includes 5 in-depth modules covering the epidemiology and physiology of pain, followed by a deep dive into the herbs and essential oils that have been shown in the scientific literature to effectively manage pain. 


Module One: Epidemiology of Pain

  • Measuring Pain
  • Subjective v Objective Outcomes
  • Pain Management Myths
  • Prevalence & Incidence
  • Influence of Sex & Culture on Pain

Module Two: Physiology of Pain

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Tissue Injury
  • Acute Pain Response
  • Risks of Chronic Pain

Module Three: Herbs for Pain Management

  • Anti-Inflammatory Botanicals
  • Wound Healing
  • Protocols for Pain Reduction
  • Formulations & Dosing
  • Clinical Research Overview

Module Four: Aromatherapy for Pain Management

  • Olfaction & the Brain
  • Placebos for Pain
  • Anxiety & Pain
  • Formulations & Dosing
  • Clinical Research Overview

Module Four: Essential Oils for Pain Management

  • High Dose Topical Applications
  • Toxicology
  • EOs and Blood Flow
  • Formulations & Dosing
  • Clinical Research Overview


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