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Fundamentals of Essential Oil Science

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Whether you are brand new to essential oils or an experienced aromatherapist, if you’ve ever wondered about the scientific justification of the use of essential oils, this week-long program is the perfect solution. In this 5-session online workshop, you’ll join Dr. Jessie Hawkins, clinical researcher, aromatherapist, and the Director of the Franklin Institute of Wellness, in exploring the scientific evidence on the safety and efficacy of essential oils.

This week-long event includes an exploration of the science of olfaction–going far beyond basic scent memory. It also covers the hot topic of essential oil ingestion, principles of formulation, and the latest clinical research in the field. It even includes a sneak peek at the latest FIW research that has not yet been released to the public.

This program is delivered in the college’s online learning management system. You will be granted access to the portal at 8AM central time on Monday, April 22nd. On each day, an introduction to the day’s topic, a downloadable video lecture, and a hands-on activity is released for you to fully master the content. You will also enjoy access to an interactive learning forum within the portal, which is moderated by Dr. Jessie Hawkins and FIW Aromatherapy Dept Chair, Professor Christy Hires. Access to the learning management system continues for a full week after the program, allowing you to review the content and download your materials after the program ends. All materials must be downloaded and saved before access ends on Friday, May 3rd.

Topics Include:

  • Day 1: Aromatherapy Science Fact & Fiction. Aromatherapy education is a diverse environment ranging from folklore to the scientifically verifiable. Your educational week kicks off with an exploration of the most commonly held myths of EO science and a look at many little-known realities.
  • Day 2: EO Mechanisms of Action. Olfaction, placebos, chemical actions. This session explores the multiple theories of aromatherapy with an in-depth discussion of what is science-based and what is myth.
  • Day 3: Essential Oil Ingestion. This hot topic is a must in any modern discussion of aromatherapy. In this session, you’ll learn when ingestion is the optimal method of delivering an essential oil to the body and how a diverse approach to aromatherapy is the safest and most effective.
  • Day 4: Pediatric Aromatherapy. Children are among those who are most likely to benefit from the use of essential oils, but modern approaches to aromatherapy often exclude this important population. Look at the science of EOs with children and how to adopt an evidence based approach.
  • Day 5: Aromatherapy’s Latest Evidence. The final session of the week takes you inside the world of aromatherapy research looking at the latest scientific findings (many of which are pre-publication) and how to integrate those into your aromatherapy approach.

Workshop Registration

  • Daily Access to the College’s Learning Management System
  • Download Permission for all 5 Daily Sessions
  • Access to the Director and Aromatherapy Dept Chair for Support


Registration includes access to the entire program with new content released each day between April 22 and April 26. You will enjoy access to an interactive forum to network with other students and ask questions of your professors, and download permissions for the course content.

New content is released each day at 8AM CDT and the message boards at midnightCDT. After the program is finished, you’ll enjoy a full week of access to the archives to download your materials and review the online content.