Essential Oil Ingestion: What Experts Need to Know

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Ingestion of essential oils is a practice with a wide spectrum of views and opinions. One one end of the spectrum are experts advocating complete and total avoidance, while at the other end, experts feel comfortable with daily ingestion. If you are an aromatherapy professional, there are critical safety and application approaches you need to know. Whether or not you support essential oil ingestion, today’s aromatherapy clients are frequently consuming essential oils–and they expect you to have expertise to guide them.

In this free, interactive webinar, FSIHS Director Dr Jessie Hawkins and Aromatherapy Department Chair Christy Hires, MPH(c) address this controversial topic head-on. You will learn why essential oil ingestion is such a disruptive topic, what your clients need you to know, and how to turn this challenge into an asset.

Registration is absolutely free. After the session, a Q&A will be offered, allowing you to directly access Dr Hawkins and Professor Hires with any additional questions you may have. The session will be recorded and replays will be made available only to registrants.