Complete your health professional CEU/CPD requirements studying what you really want to learn.

FSIHS’s continuing education center offers dozens of both on-demand and live, interactive learning opportunities that enable you to earn your continuing education credits by studying what you want to study. Thanks to the benefits of e-learning, you can get the latest evidence-based continuing education on your own schedule, so you can further your career anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Choose On-Demand or Interactive Cohort

On-Demand: Courses listed as “On-Demand” courses are available for registration with immediate course access. If you are under a tight deadline to complete your CEUs or are looking for something you can learn right away, this is the option for you. These are instructor-supervised but self-directed programs. This means you access all of the course material on your own time, but enjoy the support of an instructor for questions and guidance. This option does not come with an interactive student forum or weekly deadlines; you direct your study pace and program.

Interactive Cohort: These are scheduled, interactive courses with a set start date and weekly assignments with deadlines. This is for the social learner who wants to study with a class of fellow learners or prefers the structure of a scheduled program. FSIHS offers 8-12 interactive cohort CEU programs each year. Access is limited to meet our student:instructor ratios and each student enjoys ample interaction with classmates and instructors as part of the learning experience.

Step 2: Choose a CEU Certificate or Audit the Course

CEU Certificate: This directed learning option provides the oversight and guidance of a FSIHS faculty member, graded assessments, and the opportunity to earn a CEU certificate upon completion. FSIHS is an approved CEU provider for multiple national organizations in the health professional field. If you plan on using FSIHS CEUs for license renewal or professional reauthorization, be sure to review the CEU approvals associated with the class you choose and ensure it is applicable to your organization.

CEU Certificate Admissions: Applicants to CEU Certificate programs must complete an admissions application and provide the required documentation verifying the applicant’s ability to benefit from the material provided.

Auditing a Course: This is the most affordable option with many on-demand audit courses available for FREE. This option is the most flexible, allowing you to access our high quality academic materials without the hassle of enrollment or the pressure of completing assignments. Please note: This is a fully self-study option. Unless otherwise noted, there is no instructor support included, and certificates are not provided upon completion. Course audit registrations are subject to the usual access limits. Participants who request to audit an interactive course cannot upgrade to full enrollment at a later date.

Audit Admissions: Individuals who choose to audit CEU courses are not required to apply for admissions and can access program material after paying the audit fee (if applicable). Because audit participants are not FSIHS students, no additional documents are required.