Master the Business of Aromatherapy

MARCH 9 – MAY 29, 2020

You’ve mastered your chemistry and your formulation skills to become a professional aromatherapist; now it’s time to make that expertise work for you! The field of aromatherapy is rapidly growing, but if you are like many other aromatherapists, you’re not fully maximizing your professional skills in this market.

The Business of Aromatherapy program was specifically developed to help you achieve your full potential as a professional aromatherapist. Whether you are wanting to start your own practice, take an existing practice to the next level, or expand to add new services or products, one or more of the modules in this program will deliver the exact tools you need.


Begins March 9

Aromatherapy consultations are the core of many practices, yet few aromatherapists feel comfortable delivering effective consultations while staying within your scope.


Begins March 30

Product formulation is so much more than knowing your chemistry. Aromatherapists must navigate FDA and FTC requirements, marketing, and insurance laws.


Begins April 20

Teaching aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to grow your practice, but how do you create innovative classes and workshops that deliver real value?


Begins May 11

From client handouts to case studies to ebooks and even publishing contracts, delivering your knowledge in written word is a necessary, yet challenging task.


This program was developed using the successful approaches our faculty have developed for our students. Year after year, the FSIHS aromatherapy programs achieve a 95-100% graduate placement rate, meaning that every single one of our aromatherapy graduates who want to work achieve that goal. We’ve taken the tools we use for our students and are offering them to professionals everywhere in this 4-part program. Now you can enjoy the success our graduates experience regardless of where you studied!

Each module covers one of the core practices of an aromatherapist, so you can pick and choose the areas that match your goals or you can dive right into the entire program and learn how to master all four key areas. You can complete each module in 2-3 weeks, but a full 6 weeks of access is provided to allow you ample time to come back and tweak or trouble-shoot as you grow your practice.

Within each module, you will enjoy video lectures with practical examples, simple how-to formulas, and professional success stories to inspire and empower you to put the content to use. You will also download templates and outlines to help you prioritize and complete the tasks required to grow your business. And you will network with others who are launching or expanding their own practices, collaborating and refining ideas together.

You Will Learn:

In this module, you will learn:

  • Mechanics of Consulting: The Six Pillar Model
  • Pricing Models & Approaches
  • Insurance Options & Liability
  • Legal Regulations & Scope of Practice
  • Networking & Marketing
  • Client Support & Followup
  • Record Keeping

In this module, you will learn:

  • Mechanics of Formulating: Packaging & Storage
  • Legalities of Labeling
  • FDA Requirements
  • FTC Requirements
  • Drug Claims, Dietary Supplement Claims, & Essential Oil Oversight
  • Product Pricing
  • Retail/Wholesale Models & Strategies
  • Insurance & Liability

In this module, you will learn:

  • Teaching Styles
  • Scientific Approach to How Adults Learn
  • Curriculum Development
  • Modifying Outlines (provided in class) for Course Creation
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Educational Rules & Regulations
  • Pricing, Packaging, & Marketing of Educational Events

In this module, you will learn:

  • Writing Styles & Strategies
  • Scientific Manuscripts
  • Publishing in Scientific Journals
  • Obtaining & Negotiating Book Deals
  • Self Publishing
  • Writing Contracts for Magazines & Popular Press Sources
  • Ethics & Legalities of Written Products
  • Insurance Options


  • Learn how to successfully consult while staying within your scope using the 6 Pillar Method, and master the science of pricing packages and services in a way that attracts clients and boosts your business.
  • Access period: March 9 – April 19


  • Learn how to package and label your products in a way that appeals to new customers while staying within the FDA and FTC legal guidelines. This modules also includes product pricing and insurance requirements.
  • Access period: March 30 – May 10


  • Whether you want to develop classes for community education or for continuing medical education, this module prepares you for success. Learn how to identify and improve teaching style to deliver effective education.
  • Access period: April 20 – May 31


  • Learn how to navigate the field of publishing and to write compelling copy for case studies, ebooks, published books, or magazine articles. This module also covers self publishing and negotiating book contracts.
  • Access period: May 11 – June 21



The Business of Aromatherapy is taught by:

Dr. Jessie Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins has 20 years of experience in the natural health field. During that time she has written over a dozen books, many of which were Amazon bestsellers, established a line of natural products, and founded FSIHS.

Elizabeth Dunne, MS, RDN

Elizabeth Dunne is a registered dietitian nutritionist and the public health department chair at FSIHS. She splits her time between teaching and practicing in a heart failure clinic.

Christy Hires

Christy Hires, MPH

Christy Hires holds a Masters in Public Health and is the FSIHS Aromatherapy Department Chair. Her work ensures that our graduates are successful in their careers.

“Most aromatherapists have mastered the art and science of aromatherapy, but few have mastered the business side. Our field is full of professionals with untapped potential. Our goal at FSIHS is to help these aromatherapists grow the field by achieving their own success.”

Dr. Jessie Hawkins • FSIHS Director