We are proud of our transparent and straightforward tuition & fee structure. Tuition billing is flexible and easy to budget. You are only billed at the start of a quarter for the classes you are taking in that quarter. You will never be asked to pay for your whole program up front.

To maintain this transparency, we also offer tuition guarantees. When you are accepted into a program, FSIHS guarantees your tuition rate for as long as you remain enrolled with us. This means that any tuition increases that may occur while you are a student will not apply to you. This guarantee is valid for as long as you remain in the student agreement.

There is no registration fee or graduation fee for aromatherapy programs. Tuition is paid per block of classes. Each block contains one 50-contact concentration class and two 30-contact hour core classes. A full time student completes one block per academic quarter (3 calendar months), and a part time student completes (and is billed for) 1/2 a block per academic quarter. Tuition is $1,155 per block of classes. Certificate program students complete 3 blocks, while diploma program students complete a total of 5 blocks.

Courses & Fees Amount
Block 1 $1,155
Block 2 $1,155
Block 3 $1,155
Block 4 (Diploma only) $1,155
Block 5 (Diploma only) $1,155

TOTAL TUITION for the Aromatherapy Certificate is $3,465 (fully online) or $3,715 (hybrid delivery), and for the Diploma in Aromatherapy Science is $5,775.

Tuition does not include costs associated with textbooks or supplies for required class projects. You will need to budget additional funds to purchase the textbooks required for completion of some courses. The cost for textbooks can vary dramatically depending on your preferred textbook store.