Aromatherapy Programs

FSIHS offers two aromatherapy certification programs. The Aromatherapy Certificate program requires completion of 3 class blocks, while the Diploma in Aromatherapy Science program requires completion of 5 class blocks. Full time students typically complete 1 class block per academic quarter, and part time students take 2-3 quarters to complete a class block.

Each block of classes provides 110 contact hours of education through 1 core aromatherapy class of 50 contact hours and 2 key integrative health science classes at 30 contact hours each. For planning purposes, a contact hour reflects 50-60 minutes of instruction delivery and requires an additional 1-3 hours of study time. Instruction delivery may be online lectures, hands-on assignments, textbook reading, or reading research studies. Additional study time is determined by your unique learning style and previous experience with the subject.

You are not locked in to a workload. At the start of each quarter, you will be given the option to enroll full time or part time and you will be billed for only the workload you have requested for that quarter.


Your first term includes FIW103 History & Philosophy of Health, FIW105 Botany & Plant Identification, and ARO101 Foundations of Aromatherapy Practice. During this term, you will learn about the origins of aromatherapy, the science of plant growth and identification, how to assess health related information, and how to use essential oils throughout the lifespan, including for children and during pregnancy and birth.

You will complete ten lab assignments, compose a research paper, and engage in many other thought-provoking assessments and discussions.


Your next term includes FIW205 Psychoneuroimmunology, FIW206 Anatomy & Physiology, and ARO201 Applied Aromatherapy. This term emphasizes the holistic nature of the human body by studying the core systems and their functions, the role of stress on human health, and how aromatherapy can be used throughout both the physical and the emotional systems of the body. This term also covers hydrosols, global health, the 6 pillars of professional practice, mindfulness, and infectious disease.

You will continue to complete lab assignments, where you obtain practical experience blending and formulating. You will also begin seeing clients and compiling case studies. Upon completion, you are eligible to apply for professional aromatherapy (Level 2) membership with NAHA.


If you are a certificate student, this is your final term. For diploma students, this is the midpoint in the program. Block 3 includes FIW208 Clinical Research in Aromatherapy, FIW309 Small Business, Practice, & Ethics, and ARO301 Professional Aromatherapy. This term dives deep into the future of aromatherapy, and you will learn how to assess, interpret, and apply findings from scientific research. You will also gain practical experience establishing your professional practice, and you will learn how to use essential oils in advanced scenarios.

You will continue completing lab assignments, adding to your collection of custom created blends and formulations. You will also complete a collection of case studies ready for publication, and establish yourself as a professional in the field. If you are a certificate student, you will submit your final graduation paperwork and receive your diploma 4-6 weeks after completion of block 3; if you are a diploma student, you will continue on to block 4.


Your penultimate term includes ARO209 Teaching Aromatherapy, ARO251 Essential Oils with Children, and FIW406 Pathophysiology. This term takes your aromatherapy education to the next level by preparing you to instruct others in the subject of aromatherapy, to work with children from a wide range of health backgrounds, and to understand the progression of disease in the body.

You will continue completing lab projects; you will also develop, revise, and deliver your own educational program on essential oils. You will also learn how to work with high risk communities, to conduct needs assessment, and to analyze and interpret aromatherapy science on a deeper level.


The final term for the diploma program includes ARO308 Conducting Aromatherapy Research, FIW306 Botanicals & Microbes, and ARO351 Essential Oil Ingestion. During this term, you will formulate your own internal use products for aromatic medicine, conduct scientific research in the field, and investigate the relationship between essential oils and pathogenic microbes. This is an exciting and hands-on term, full of guided projects and practical skills. By the time you complete the term, you will have earned your Diploma in Aromatherapy Science and have an established career underway!