Investing in your future career goals requires both time and funds to commit to the academics necessary for a new profession. Here at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences, we work hard to keep tuition rates as low as possible to provide you with a legitimate academic credential without requiring significant student debt. Here are some tips and resources for funding your investment in yourself.

Our Commitment to You

There are many benefits to studying at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences: 

  1. Tuition is always pay-as-you-go. Because FSIHS is a fully authorized postsecondary institution, tuition is not paid all up front as you would with a personal enrichment program. As a student, you are invoiced at the start of each academic quarter only for the classes you are taking in that quarter. You will never be asked to pay for classes you are not ready to begin. This makes college affordable by creating a natural payment plan that you control. Take a break for a quarter when funds are tight or increase your course load as your budget allows.
  2. Tuition is affordable. Our oversight regulations ensure that tuition is maintained at a level which covers the school’s educational expenses without unnecessarily driving up your costs. From textbook selection to application fees, every effort has been put into place to ensure that college remains affordable.
  3. No gimmicks. That postsecondary oversight requirement protects you from artificially inflated tuition prices with frequent sales or gimmicky “act now!” offers. You don’t have to subscribe to newsletters, bundle courses together into a package, or wait for a special sale to get the best rate. Tuition is clearly communicated and remains the same throughout your student contract.
  4. Student contracts. Once you are accepted into a study program, you sign an enrollment agreement that outlines exactly what you can expect from us. One of these promises we make is that tuition will never be changed as long as you remain in the program. So no surprises or last minute rate increases. The tuition on your contract is what you will be charged every quarter.


Student Loans

You may also want to take out private student loans to finance your college goals. FSIHS does not currently participate in federal funding and does not offer student loans directly, but there are many good options for students who are earning postsecondary certificates and diplomas.

  1. Wells Fargo Career College Loans. These loans defer your first payment until you have graduated and have cosigner options for competitive rates.
  2.  SoFi Loans. These loans cover your entire postsecondary education and offer unemployment protection.
  3. Ernest Loans. Ernest offers career development loans to fund your entire FSIHS program.

Please note: This list is for your convenience; FSIHS is not affiliated with any of the listed financial institutions. . There are many other career college loan programs available and we recommend that you do your homework when it comes to borrowing funds to pay for education. It is important to note that many personal loan products are not to be used for postsecondary education.


Employer Benefits

Many employers offer benefit packages that include education reimbursement or will pay for continuing education. FSIHS has worked with a vast number of employers who offer educational benefits, including Fortune 500 employers. As a fully authorized postsecondary institution, FSIHS qualifies for most employer educational packages and is happy to work with your employer to fund your education. For more information, email the FSIHS registrar.



There are many scholarship options available for career college programs, including scholarships which are specific to the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences, those unique to natural health, and general scholarships. There are many online scholarship search programs that can assist you in narrowing the options down to those which are most suitable for your needs. Some options include: FastWeb, Peterson’s, Niche, and CareerOneStop.