Academic Transcripts

High school or college transcripts are required for admission to any FSIHS program. These are required to provide evidence of an applicant’s ability to succeed with postsecondary academic work. The college is not permitted to accept tuition from a student who cannot be reasonably expected to not only master the academic work but create a career upon graduation.

For general admissions, only one set of transcripts is required. These must be sent directly from your previous institution. We are unable to accept transcripts from students. For many applicants, it has been several years, if not decades, since this academic work was completed. Your previous institutions are legally required to maintain these records. You can simply contact them or, if they are no longer in operation, the educational department of your local government, to request that official copies be sent to FSIHS. There is usually a small fee for this service.

Some programs will also require additional academic records for admissions. Please read through the admissions requirements for your program of choice to ensure you send us all of the transcripts required. Similarly, if you are applying for transfer credit, transcripts from your previous college will be required.

Transcripts can be sent electronically to OR via physical mail to the college admissions office.

Two Letters of Recommendation

The purpose of submitting two letters of recommendation is to enable the college to confirm your readiness to complete postsecondary coursework. For most of our students, academic transcripts do not provide a comprehensive overview of your current ability. These letters enable us to obtain a more personalized understanding of your academic potential.

Recommendation letters can be submitted by anyone who knows you well enough to comment on your academic abilities. This may include supervisors at work, a former instructor or teacher, a colleague, or even a friend. Letters of recommendation cannot be submitted by family members.

Letters of recommendation cannot be delivered by applicants; they must come directly from the author. These can be sent electronically to OR via physical mail to the college admissions office.

Admissions Essay

The admissions essay can be one of the most daunting elements of your entire application packet. Don’t let it intimidate you. The primary goal of the admissions essay is to enable you to personalize your application and to enable the admissions staff at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences to better evaluate your skills and ability to benefit from our programs. Your essay will remain a permanent part of your student file here at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences and may be referenced by faculty to provide assistance during the program.

Use this as an opportunity to sell yourself to the admissions committee. Why are you an ideal candidate for admissions? The essay should reflect your professional goals upon graduation (as they exist today; we often find that students’ goals grow and evolve over the course of study) and should communicate to us why you will benefit from the programs we offer. Remember to begin with an introductory paragraph and conclude with a summary paragraph. Be original, and if you use any references, be sure to cite them properly.

The essay should be composed with either Word(PC) or Pages(Mac) and should be written in a 12 point, Times New Roman font. It should consist of 2-3 total pages, double spaced, with one inch margins. We use APA formatting for papers at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences; if you are familiar with APA, please use it in your essay. However, if you are not familiar with APA, you will obtain plenty of experience during your time at FSIHS.

The essay should be a response to the following:

Describe how you developed your interest in this field and where you see yourself in five years as a professional in your chosen field.