Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a student must complete all required coursework with a grade of 75% or higher, fulfill all financial obligations to the school, comply with all rules and regulations of the school, and have achieved a 90% cumulative attendance rate while enrolled.

Applying to Graduate

All students must submit an application to graduate. This should be submitted at the beginning of the term in which the student expects to graduate. Your application includes the full name you wish to have appear on your diploma. This should appear as First Name, Middle Initial or Name (optional), Last Name, Suffix. You will also indicate where we should send your diploma. Please ensure that this address is complete and correct. The application must be submitted with the $65.00 graduation fee, if applicable. (Refer to your enrollment agreement to determine whether or not your program has a graduation fee.) If a student fails to complete the program within the designated term, the graduation fee is not refundable and the student must submit a new graduation application for a future term.

Final Steps

Final grades are entered into the system one week after the end of each term. After the final grades for the final term are entered into the system, the college will audit all graduation candidates to ensure all requirements have been met. Students who have successfully completed all requirements for their program will be awarded the appropriate credential. If the audit finds that a student has not completed all graduation requirements, they will be notified via email and must apply for graduation in a future term after all requirements have been met.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all graduation requirements are met.

Diploma Delivery

After a graduation audit finds that a student has successfully completed a program, diplomas are prepared and shipped. This typically occurs between 6 and 8 weeks after the student’s final academic term. Diplomas are mailed to the address that was submitted on the application to graduate. Please note that diplomas and transcripts are not released until the student has fulfilled all financial obligations to the school. Any unpaid balance of any kind will result in a hold of your diploma and transcript. Contact the College Registrar for account details and to resolve any outstanding balances, if applicable.