Financing Tuition

The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences ensures that students are only billed for the current academic quarter and that refund policies are implemented in a way that is reasonable and reflects educational services that have actually been received. This produces a built-in payment plan, enabling students to pay for education quarter-by-quarter. As such, no additional payment plans or loans are offered by the school.

Students may choose to finance their education through a range of independent lenders. Because FSIHS does not have direct relationships with independent educational lenders, we are unable to offer assistance or guidance in this area. Students may also choose to take advantage of corporate educational benefits. Many employers offer benefit packages that include education reimbursement or will pay for continuing education. FSIHS has worked with many employers who offer educational benefits, including Fortune 500 employers. If this is a benefit you have available and you would like more information, contact the Registrar.

Tuition Guarantee

Once a student has entered into an enrollment agreement, the student is guaranteed a set tuition rate for the duration of the program. The enrollment agreement confirms that the school will not change the graduation requirements of a program after a student has started the program, and that the school will not increase tuition rates once a student has started the program. While the school overall may implement a tuition increase while a student is enrolled, the student will be exempted from the higher tuition rate for as long as (s)he remains in the enrollment contract. Withdrawal from a program, whether by the student’s choice or through administrative withdrawal, removes the student from an enrollment agreement. Should a student apply for readmission, a new enrollment agreement will be executed at the currently published and authorized tuition rate.

Clear and Accurate Reflection

The tuition rates charged by the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences are authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This authorization requires FSIHS to charge all new students the same tuition rate for a program with no exceptions. This protects you as a student from artificially inflated tuition rates that are reduced through sales gimmicks or high pressure “act now” enrollment tactics. These often produce students who have buyer’s remorse but are trapped in a prepaid yet long-term program without the option of a refund. Our goal is not to rush students to enrollment, rather to provide you with a clear and accurate picture of the benefits and investments of returning to school to earn an academic credential. This reduces the pressure of rushed decisions or finding the best sales offer, enabling you to focus on selecting the right program and the right delivery option to meet your unique personal and professional needs.