Part of the mission of the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences involves preparing students to become professionals in the integrative health field. As such, students are expected to comply with the Code of Ethics outlined by national professional organizations. This includes staying within the scope of practice of an integrative health promotion professional, meeting the standards of academic integrity, and honoring the scientific research community through acknowledging discoveries and research conducted by experts in the field.

Scope of Practice

Approximately 30% of our students are practicing medical professionals. As a result, many students are merging the practices of an unlicensed health related field with a licensed field. There are many legal and professional ramifications that may occur as a result. As the purpose of FSIHS is to educate students in unlicensed health related fields, for the purpose of academic work completed at FSIHS, all case studies, informational sessions, and other required coursework must be completed within the scope of practice of an herbalist, aromatherapist, or health promotion professional, whether or not a student holds a medical license in another health related field. While these two practices may be blended upon graduation, the assessments and academic measures at FSIHS must be related to the coursework mastered here, not to coursework mastered for a different field. 

Plagiarism & Academic Integrity

Students in scientific fields are often required to produce summaries and compilations of discoveries made by researchers in a given field. Producing essays, research papers, and other reports can be a time-consuming task and can often be challenging for students who are unfamiliar with the nuance and language of advanced scientific research.

However, academic integrity is a serious concern in scientific fields and students at FSIHS are expected to give credit and recognition to the many researchers who have contributed to the body of knowledge we now enjoy. Not only are FSIHS students expected to produce original work that is not a replication or rendition of the compilation of another, FSIHS students are expected to adhere to the higher standards of scientific integrity by citing each and every reference to the discoveries and work of another. Resources and instructions for maintaining academic integrity are available in the online learning center in the student resource section.

Corrective Action

At the first offense, students will be notified via email that they are in violation of the Code of Conduct and encouraged to review the requirements for academic integrity. After the second violation, students will be dismissed from the school and the appropriate refund policy, as outlined in this catalog, will apply. Students dismissed for conduct may be readmitted to the program at the sole discretion of the Director.