Retention of Student Records

Student academic files include all of the documents an applicant submits during the application and admissions process as well as all documents created during the academic experience. This includes transcripts from other institutions, progress reports and grades earned at FIW, financial statements, student conduct, credentials awarded, health status, disciplinary actions, and all other academic-related documents. These are kept on-site and securely locked in the research office. There are three tiers of protection for all physical student records, including the locked campus, the locked research office, and unique locks on student files. Student records are also maintained electronically to protect against loss in the event of a natural disaster. These records are kept indefinitely.

Records Requests

Student records are maintained in the administrative office and only accessed by authorized FIW personnel. Student progress and achievement is also reported annually to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission during FIW’s reauthorization process. Student records may also be accessed by FIW’s oversight agencies during any random audits or routine reauthorization or approval site visits.  Records may also be released to the student by following procedures to request transcripts on the following pages. Please note that records are not released to other individuals, including parents or other family members, without written authorization from the student.