The purpose of the Student Academic Progress (SAP) policy is to ensure that students successfully complete academic programs at FSIHS. SAP refers to the qualitative and quantitative measure of a student’s progress toward completing a program of study, including student performance, attendance, and achievement. Students must meet formal standards that measure their satisfactory progress toward graduation as well as pace of course completion in the specified timeframe.

Academic progress is measured by evaluating two factors: academic performance or achievement (grades) and program completion (attendance). Achieving SAP includes maintaining the following:

1. Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.

2. Minimum of 90% cumulative class attendance.

Academic performance or achievement is measured by the student’s professor. These outcomes include a range of elements designed to measure multiple forms of success as demonstrated by all learning styles. This includes online quizzes or tests, research papers, hands-on projects such as blending or formulation, reflection essays, interaction on the student forum, discussion questions, and case studies. At the end of each term, a weighted mean of these graded assessments will be the student’s final grade for the class. Each class must be completed with a final grade of a 75% or higher. Students must repeat each class in which the final grade is below a 75% at the normal tuition rate. Coursework that must be repeated will adversely affect a student’s projected graduation date and may impact academic progress.

Attendance is measured by active participation in the class, as defined by the Attendance Policy on page 73. At each SAP evaluation, the student must meet the minimum benchmarks, as outlined above, to establish satisfactory progress in the program.

How often is SAP evaluated?

For most programs, SAP is evaluated at the middle and the end of each academic quarter. This provides eight total opportunities each year to evaluate satisfactory progress. The Certificate in Essential Oil Ingestion and the Certificate in Herbal Product Development can be completed in a single academic quarter with full time enrollment. For these two programs, additional SAP evaluations are conducted after the completion of 25% of the quarter and 75% of the quarter. Students who enroll in these programs with part time status and all students in all other programs are evaluated mid-term and at the end of each academic quarter.