SAP Warnings

If a student fails to meet either of the SAP benchmarks at any evaluation period, (s)he will be placed on SAP Warning status for the next evaluation period. Should this occur, students will be notified by email and phone. While a student is on SAP Warning status, the student will work directly with the Department Chair and the Director to develop a plan of action to ensure that the student can meet these requirements during the next academic evaluation period.

Failure to achieve SAP requirements by the end of the warning period will result in administrative withdrawal of the student. If a student is removed due to failure to achieve SAP standards, the student will receive a notification by certified mail and will be subject to the policies and procedures which are relevant to administrative withdrawal.

SAP Appeals Process

If it has been determined that a student is not achieving SAP, the student may appeal this decision in writing. Once a student has been notified that (s)he is on SAP Warning status, the student has 7 days (1 week) to submit a letter to the Department Chair. This letter must include evidence documenting why the student was unable to meet SAP and should identify what has changed in the student’s situation that will allow him or her to meet SAP standards by the next student evaluation period (mid-term or end-term evaluations). Unpredictable, extraordinary circumstances, such as a documented death in the immediate family or an accidental injury are considered sufficient to justify an appeal. Appeals are not granted for routine illnesses or other factors.

FSIHS Administration will review this appeal and notify the student within 7 days (1 week) of the decision. Should the appeal be approved, an academic plan to meet SAP standards will be developed before the appeal is formally granted. Decisions to SAP appeals are final. Students who are reinstated after a successful appeal will remain on probationary status until SAP is achieved during the next evaluation period.