Quarterly Registration

All students who are in an enrollment agreement are expected to register for classes each academic quarter. Registration for a quarter begins 3 weeks prior to a quarter and involves confirming class selection as determined by your program and class availability, as well as paying the tuition for classes you will be taking that quarter. Registration must be complete before the first day of class.

Late Registration Policy

Students in an enrollment agreement who do not successfully register before the first day of the academic quarter may join classes up to 1 week after the quarter begins, with permission of the class instructor(s) in writing. Registration after the first day of a quarter is subject to course availability. Note: Late registration is not the same as late application. To be approved for late registration, a student must already be accepted into the school and have entered into an enrollment agreement. New applicants will not be accepted after the start of a quarter.

Add / Drop Class Policy

Once an academic quarter begins, students have one week to add/drop a course from their schedule without penalty. This will be considered a non-start and will not incur tuition expenses or a grade of a W (withdraw) or I (incomplete). After the first week of class, the student is considered enrolled and any dropped classes will be subject to the refund policy and a grade of a W-P (withdrawal while passing) or a W-F (withdrawal while failing) and will appear on the student’s official transcripts.