Tuition and fees are charged to the student at the start of each academic quarter. Each academic quarter is recognized as a period of financial obligation. Arrangements for funding must be made prior to the start of the quarter. If payment arrangements are not finalized by 4pm central time on the day before classes begin, a financial hold will be placed on the student’s account and the student will be removed from the online portal for the quarter. Re-registration for the desired classes during that quarter will be subject to availability. As a result, failure to make arrangements for tuition and fees for a given quarter may negatively impact graduation timelines.

Methods of Payment

You will be sent an invoice via email for tuition and fees required for each quarter. This invoice includes a link to pay tuition & fees online via bank draft or credit card. Tuition and fees can also be paid via check either in person on campus or through the mail.

Payment Due Dates

The $135 registration fee, where applicable, is due when the student enters into an enrollment agreement with the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences. It is not due for each quarter’s registration; only when the initial enrollment agreement is signed. If a student changes programs, a new non-refundable registration fee will be due when the new enrollment agreement is signed.

Tuition for each academic quarter (which includes lab fees for blended students) is billed 10 days prior to the start of a quarter and is due by the first day of the quarter. The non-refundable $65 graduation fee is due by the first day of the final quarter of a student’s program. If tuition is not paid, the student will not be granted admission to the class.

Period of Financial Obligation

Each academic quarter is considered to be a period of financial obligation. Tuition for the classes required during that quarter is due on the first day of the quarter and the refund policy applies to each quarter of a student’s enrollment.