Leave of Absence

Sometimes during the course of enrollment for an academic program, situations and circumstances beyond the control of the student require an interruption in course completion. When this occurs, a student may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA), which is a temporary break in registration that does not affect a student’s enrollment status and is not considered as time which has elapsed when maximum completion timeframes are calculated. During a Leave of Absence, the student is not considered to be withdrawn. Therefore, no refund calculation is required, no additional charges will be assessed, and a student is considered to be actively enrolled and within the program registration agreement.

The school may grant a LOA of 3 months, with a maximum of 2 LOAs granted each year OR 1/2 of the published length of the academic program, whichever is shorter. LOAs may be granted for emergency circumstances such as military service, a serious illness, a death in the immediate family, or any situation covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).

To request a LOA, the student must submit a request to the Registrar in writing prior to the LOA. If this is not possible, the request should be submitted before the student has missed more than 10% of class activity. The request must be signed and dated, and must include the rationale for the LOA and the expected date of return. The student must also acknowledge understanding the requirements of a LOA, that the LOA will impact the anticipated graduation date, and that failure to return from the LOA will result in removal from the program.