Lab Supplies Policy

Before each lab session, the professor or an assistant will set out the supplies required for the assigned project(s). These will be provided to students in either the classroom or the lab. Students are to use the supplies provided and should not retrieve additional supplies that have not been specifically designated for the project. This helps to maintain both the academic integrity of the lab, by ensuring that students complete the projects under the conditions assigned, and the sanitation and quality of the lab supplies.

Electronic Recording Policy

Lectures, presentations, and discussions that take place during FSIHS events, including in the classroom and lab are for the immediate benefit of students who are in attendance and may not be recorded at any time in any means. This includes audio and/or video recordings from cell phones and tablets.

Class Discussions

The on-site lab experience is one that is rich in collaboration and innovation among future colleagues. It is also an academic experience with many educational objectives that must be achieved by the professors. Therefore, the discussion during group projects and collaborations during the class or lab should remain on the topic at hand so that all participants may achieve the assigned educational experience. Personal stories, anecdotes, and networking should take place during the designated breaks, over the lunch hour, or after class hours.

Cell Phone Policy

On-site lab experiences offer an in-depth educational experience in a short period of time. As such, it is critical that disruptions are minimized. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the classroom or the lab unless they are either turned off or set to silent. In the event of an emergency phone call, students must take the phone outside of the classroom or lab to answer the call. Please note that any absence from the classroom or lab may adversely impact lab attendance and may require make-up work.

Lab Dress Code

The lab workshop is an academically intense 3-day event that takes place in both a classroom and a lab. You will be meeting fellow students, clients, and future colleagues. Professional, yet comfortable dress is expected. Shorts, open toed shoes, transparent clothing, and derogatory graphic t-shirts are prohibited. Comfortable shoes are recommended as you will be on your feet and moving around frequently.

Perfume Policy

The FSIHS campus is a perfume-free environment, as it is a source of many unique odors as a result of essential oil projects and lab formulations. It is critical that students avoid any fragrant scents, including body lotions, perfumes, and other aromas including cigarette smoke or fragrant sack lunches.

Children in the Classroom / Lab

Because lab workshops present the opportunity for a small, intimate learning experience, we are not able to accommodate guests in the classroom or lab. As such, we request that students do not bring children the classroom or lab. In the event of an emergency, an exception to this policy requires the approval of the School Director. Nursing babies who are unable to be separated from a parent for the duration of the school day are always an exception to this policy. However, due to safety requirements in the lab, nursing babies are not permitted in the lab during student sessions.

Pets on Campus

The FSIHS campus is not a place that is suitable for pets. The essential oil exposure in the classroom and lab is not appropriate for pets, and the lab requires strict hygienic policies that preclude the presence of pets. Unfortunately, due to the requirements of activities in the classroom and lab, there are no exceptions made to this policy.

Weapons Policy

Weapons are strictly prohibited on the FSIHS campus. This includes knives, guns, or any other weapon, whether or not you hold a carry permit. FSIHS has a zero tolerance policy regarding weapons on campus and students who violate this policy will be terminated from a program. 

School Maintenance

Help us take pride in our classroom, lab, lobby, and other student areas by eating in the designated areas and cleaning up after meals, snacks, and projects.