If a student believes he or she has been treated unfairly by any member of the faculty and staff at The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences, the student should submit a written email to the Director, Dr. Jessie Hawkins, via email (j.hawkins@fsihs.org) or physical mail: Attn: Dr. Jessie Hawkins / Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences / 504 Autumn Springs Ct, ste 6 / Franklin, TN 370647

The Director can also be reached by phone at 615-261-3116 x 105.

The Director will investigate the matter and respond within 21 days; the decision of the Director is final. However, one of the benefits of studying at a fully authorized postsecondary institution is that the school is subject to the oversight of a higher education commission.

If the matter cannot be resolved at the Institutional level, the student may file a complaint with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission: 404 James Robertson Parkway, ste 1900 / Nashville, TN 37243; or by phone at 615-741-5293.

Any person claiming damage or loss as a result of any act or practice by this institution that may be a violation of the Title 49, Chapter 7, part 20 or Rule Chapter 1520-01-02 may file a complaint with the Tennessee higher Education Commission, Division of Postsecondary State Authorization.