Faculty Qualifications

Every faculty member at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is highly qualified, as evaluated through a combination of outcomes assessing educational attainment, specialized training, professional experience in the field, and success in mentorship and training. Faculty members must meet, at a minimum, the following requirements:

  • A college degree from an accredited institution recognized by the US Department of Education, or the international equivalent. Most of our professors have graduate degrees.
  • A recognized credential in the associated field of expertise.
  • A minimum of 3 years out of the last 7 years of professional experience in the field.

Continuing Education

Recognizing that education and learning are lifelong experiences, the education and training of our faculty does not end with their own formal college experience. Each member of the academic department, including all faculty and department chairs, is required to earn continuing education on an annual basis.

This continuing education experience is different for each department, but may include activities such as attending annual conferences offered by researchers in the field, participating in research and discovery of new information in the field, and attending workshops or seminars given by researchers and experts in the field.