Assignment Deadlines

To ensure optimal pacing of coursework, assignments, projects, and assessments have due dates attached. These are firm dates that are set by the course professor based on the overall goals and objectives which have been established for each class. Penalties for missing these deadlines can be found in the course syllabus. When an academic quarter begins, students are encouraged to note each due date for the term on their calendar or schedule. There is also a student schedule within the online portal that assists in time management and assignment deadlines.

Late Submissions

One of the benefits of attending an online program is that coursework can be completed anywhere in the world. As a result, students can take coursework on vacations, trips, and other activities without missing class. Therefore, it is expected that academic work, including participation, be completed by the deadline provided in the Canvas LMS. Acceptance of late coursework is at the sole discretion of the professor. If a professor does accept late submissions, a grade reduction of up to 10% may be assessed and professors may impose other limitations, such as time restrictions, for the acceptance of late work.

Many assignments can also be submitted early, enabling students to plan short trips or events during the academic quarter without missing any required work. If a trip or activity is planned within a quarter, the professor should be notified within the first week of the quarter or as soon as the details are available. Students should also plan to access the online portal to complete any work that must be submitted during the timeframe in question.

Online Make Up Work

If a distance learning student is absent for more than 10% of the class activity, they may request an opportunity to make up the missed work. Make up work must be consistent with the missed coursework in terms of time, content, and delivery of the class missed. This may include, but is not limited to, viewing recordings of lectures, scheduling tutoring time with the professor, and completing assignments or analytical discussions with professors and classmates.

On-Site Make Up Work

If a hybrid student has missed more than 10% of the on-site workshop but less than 20% of the on-site workshop, as measured by total hours present in class, the student will be required to make arrangements with the professor to make up the class or lab time either before or after the next session, if possible.

Make-up work may include lecture time, completing projects, or other activities, depending on the activities the student missed during their absence. The make-up work will be equivalent in time, content, and delivery, of the work missed. For example, if a student missed an hour of lab work, the make-up time will include an hour in the lab for the student to receive supervision completing the assigned project.