Copyright Infringement Policy

It is the policy of the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences to respect the copyright protections given by federal law to owners of intellectual property, including digital materials and scientific discoveries. Individuals who willfully disregard this policy do so at their own risk and may be subject to personal liability. The school regards violation of this policy as a serious matter, and any such violation is subject to disciplinary action up to and including administrative withdrawal from the program.

Specifically, faculty and students are prohibited from making unauthorized copies of copyrighted material in any form. This includes photos of textbooks taken with cellular phones or tablets, computer copies of copyright materials, and distribution of scientific research studies without the journal publisher’s consent. Students should not upload, transmit, or otherwise distribute copyrighted material using the school’s learning management system. Students should not encourage other students to share copyrighted material or make requests of faculty or classmates for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. For more information, please see the website of the US Copyright Office,