When students are admitted to an FSIHS program, they are expected to continue coursework at a steady pace until graduation. To ensure a realistic view of the requirements of program completion, the entire class schedule is established upon admission to a program. This includes the course titles required for program completion, a scheduled academic quarter assigned to each course, and an anticipated graduation date.

This schedule is developed to ensure on-time graduation and incorporates a myriad of scheduling requirements, including the student’s desired courseload, availability of each class, and pre-requisites required for each class. Some flexibility exists, allowing students to increase or decrease the courseload from quarter to quarter. However, due to the length of our academic programs, only slight scheduling modifications are allowed.

We also understand that unexpected circumstances may prevent a student from maintaining this schedule. Should this occur, each student should schedule a meeting with the registrar as soon as possible to discuss the consequences of modifications to the schedule. The registrar will be able to advise the student on the future availability of required courses and how a disruption in enrollment will affect the student’s ability to complete the program. During this appointment, the registrar will also explore alternate options that may be available to the student, such as a Leave of Absence or a change in enrollment status.