Our mission at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is to offer the pinnacle of natural health education by educating, training, and preparing both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in the field of natural health through rigorous, science based, and research focused educational programs.

  • Unsurpassed educational experience which produces leaders who have developed experience and competency in the professional implementation of their skills and are capable of achieving successful careers in their chose health related field.
  • Scientific research which expands the body of knowledge regarding the ideal ways to utilize plant based ingredients and preventive lifestyle behaviors to boost healthy outcomes among a diverse range of populations.
  • Embrace collaboration, community, and diversity among faculty and staff, the student body, and our community.
  • to provide an academically superior education in the integrative health field which extends beyond merely remembering and understanding knowledge to empower students to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create knowledge in the field.
  • to provide affordable, attainable programs which are delivered in an accepting, inclusive environment which supports a diverse student body representing a wide range of backgrounds and cultures from around the world.
  • to create, interpret, and disseminate scientific education regarding the safety and efficacy of botanical medicines, essential oils, health behaviors, and preventive health practices.
  • to produce graduates who excel professionally and are capable of achieving profitable careers in the field.
  • to be a quality and reliable source of continuing scientific education for existing professionals in the integrative health field.