Online learning options bring the classroom to your living room, but on-site classrooms have added benefits to enhance the learning process. Our hybrid program provides the flexibility of online learning with the unique experience of a real classroom/laboratory environment. With this program, you can complete your academic work through our online portal, but make two trips to our campus in the Nashville TN area to participate in mandatory laboratory workshops which take place at the start of your program and again towards the end of your program. These classroom experiences provide valuable hands-on experiences and mentorship that cannot be attained in the online environment.

  • hands-on chemical blending
  • small classroom experiences with your professors
  • guided case studies with real clients
  • activities and experiences to complement your online coursework
  • immediate testing and project evaluation w/ feedback
  • in-person environment for interacting with classmates and instructors

Technical Requirements: Hybrid students must still meet the requirements for distance learning students to complete out-of-classroom coursework. This includes a computer or tablet device, high speed internet access, basic internet skills (such as the ability to view online videos, download and print files, and navigate to websites), a printer for printed files, and a device to play mp3 lectures (this may be your computer with speakers).

Student-Teacher Ratios: To ensure ample one-on-one time in the online learning environment for all students, the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences limits the student:teacher ratio for on-site learning to a maximum of 10:1 for each class. Online classes are limited to a 30:1 student:teacher ratio.

On-Site Laboratory Workshops: Our aromatherapy hybrid students must complete two laboratory workshops which are scheduled to take place during ARO101 and ARO301 (see the institution calendar for dates and availability). These laboratory workshops are required components of the program and may not be rescheduled or missed. Lab fees for these workshops are due with the tuition payment for the academic quarter in which they occur.