The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences utilizes the Canvas Learning Management System to deliver a classroom-like experience in the comfort of your own home. This provides the flexibility to study on your own terms. Whether your schedule requires you to complete your schoolwork during the day, at night, or even on weekends, you will be able to manage your courseload effectively with the Canvas system.

Through this system you will interact with your instructor, engage with the multi-media educational tools, and collaborate with classmates for group projects and social networking.

Our distance education integrates a variety of tools depending on the unique content delivered in each course. Courses may include any of the following tools and activities:

  • online video lessons
  • downloadable mp3 lectures
  • downloadable PDF research studies
  • formula guides
  • other study helps
  • assignments for textbook study
  • online testing and project evaluation
  • interactive environment for interacting with classmates and instructors

Technical Requirements: computer or tablet device, high speed internet access, basic internet skills (such as the ability to view online videos, download and print files, and navigate to websites), a printer for printed files, and a device to play mp3 lectures (this may be your computer with speakers).

Student-Teacher Ratios: To ensure ample one-on-one time in the online learning environment for all students, the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences limits the student:teacher ratio to a maximum of 30:1 for each online class.

On-Site Opportunities: Our distance-learning courses and certifications are enhanced by the addition of on-site workshops, lab sessions, and research projects. (Please note: on-site lab workshops are requirements for our hybrid Aromatherapy Certification program, but not our distance learning Aromatherapy Certification program.) On-site options include weekend chemistry lab workshops, clinical skills residencies in a local medical practice, and week-long European educational tours to learn from worldwide experts in the field.