the integration of modern science and holistic health

FSIHS is committed to advancing the field of holistic health through rigorous scientific research and evidence-based professional education.

The Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences was established in 2013 by Dr. Jessie Hawkins to raise the bar in integrative health education. FSIHS was originally authorized as a formal college in late 2013 and provided primary holistic health education and training until early 2020. Today, FSIHS prioritizes continuing professional education in evidence based holistic health and clinical research on holistic, preventive, and public health.

Our mission at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences is to empower health professionals to distinguish between the science and pseudoscience of holistic health.

To accomplish this mission, we conduct original clinical research into traditional health sciences, such as aromatherapy and herbalism, to identify sound scientific principles and distinguish those from ineffective or potentially dangerous treatments. These findings, along with other evidence-based holistic health research, are disseminated to health professionals and advocates through our professional education programs.